Why I deleted my old blog…

The last two years have been radically different for me. No blogging, sleepy morning lectures  and the constant rush of exams. The no blogging part sucks the most though.

When I started my blog, I was twelve years old, barely a teen, baffled by the simplest of things, affected by the tiniest of inspirations. So when I took the time a few days ago to see the job I’d done with the blog as a kid, I realized there was so much I could’ve done better.



So there I was, backing up the old blog, with all its posts and comments. Once that was done, I pressed the delete button remorselessly and removed the 191 blog posts I had published over 3 years. I wanted a fresh start.

We all love fresh starts. Fresh starts mean clean slates, new opportunities and a way to express yourself better. It’s like that opportunity that many of my engineering friends seek…to drop out and pursue something they’d always wanted to. This fresh start though, was much simpler and rather easy on me (since I could backup all that old stuff).

That being said, I don’t know where this goes from here. Of course, there will be short stories and poems, fun quotes and personal “research”. Maybe even the occasional puzzle. I love puzzles. I love watching people struggle. I love watching people succeed after they have struggled.

Whatever it is, I hope it is different. I hope it is inspiring. I hope it is beautiful.

Here’s to my fresh start. What about yours?



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